Make delicious dragon fruit bread
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Red dragon fruit is cheap this season, you can follow viet chill to have the following delicious dragon fruit bread.

When it comes out, the dragon fruit bread will be super delicious, the inside is light spongy, the crust is crispy, it’s hot baked with milk, it’s great.


Make delicious dragon fruit bread

Dragon fruit bread before baking

Dragon fruit bread recipe

The ingredients for the bread are as follows:

A. Flour

80g flour 13
1g yeast
80g warm water if it’s cold

Mix well wrapped in wrap and leave at room temperature for 12 hours. After 12 hours of use, if not used all can be kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator and used within 1 week.

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B. Main powder

300g flour 13
3g salt
4g yeast
60g female powder (incubated for 12 hours as above)
12g vinegar
9g cooking oil
170g – 180g red dragon fruit juice. 2 pureed red dragon fruit with 1 little water, filter the water.

It is recommended to grind thickly to make the color of the cake more beautiful because the baking process fades the color of the cake. I grind a bit thin so the color is not very beautiful.

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Make delicious dragon fruit bread

Roll each bread 100 grams


Steps to make dragon fruit bread

Put all ingredients in a batter bowl. Beat 15 minutes-20 minutes when the dough is smooth, crack the bowl. Incubate the dough to double in size and then divide the dough. E divides each cake 100g, rolls it, and rests for about 10 minutes. Then make a shape of the 2 ends of the dough (you can refer to the shape on youtube, I’m busy so I can’t take a picture), put the cake in the corrugated mold, I lined the stencils in the mold because the corrugated mold I set is not non-stick. . If you use a non-stick mold, you don’t need to line it with parchment paper

Incubate the dough for the second time until it has doubled in size, the dough is tight, lightly press to spray water, turn on the oven 230d. Place 1 tray of hot water in the oven. When the oven temperature reaches, start cutting the cake. I will leave the clip of slitting the cake in the comment. I use scalpel number 3 with 11 blades, you can use a razor blade. The first incision is definitely not too deep. Make a second slit in the left edge of the cake to create a way to open the wings. Spray the cake with water.

Put the cake in the oven until about 10 minutes when the cake has opened. Lower the heat to 200d and bake for another 10-12 minutes depending on the amount of cake. The golden cake is crispy and it’s fine.

You can bake it young, then let it cool and freeze, when it’s time to eat, bake it in an oil-free fryer or oven to make the crust crispy.

Enjoy grilled dragon fruit bread

E is usually grilled until golden brown and dipped with condensed milk. If left over, cover tightly and refrigerate for up to 3 days. When eating, put in an oil-free fryer with a temperature of 160 degrees for 3-5 minutes

Viet chill wishes everyone success

-Anh Tuyet

Make delicious dragon fruit bread

Dragon fruit bread