How to use the Blackberry classic Q20 phone in 2021?
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Blackberry classic Q20

Blackberry Classic Q20 phone

Using a Blackberry classic Q20 in 2021

With the need to find a phone that can use basic functions, has a social network and a little “personality” with a price of 1 and a half million, I researched and selected this phone – Blackberry Classic Q20. After a few days of use, I rate it quite well and meet the needs well. Here are my reviews.

Configuration of Blackberry classic Q20

This phone was released in 2014, with an age of nearly 7 years, the blackberry classic is quite outdated, with the following basic configuration:


  • Snap Dragon S4 Plus 2 core 1.4 Ghz processor
  • 2Gb Ram
  • Adreno 225 Graphics Chip
  • 2515 mAh battery
  • High resolution 3.5 inch screen (still pretty good now)
  • With radio, 4G LTE
  • Back camera 8 Mp, front 2 Mp
  • Upgradeable 16gb internal storage
  • and of course the legendary QWERTY keyboard
  • Capacity 177 Gr (when holding it, it’s quite tight)

Evaluation of the use of Blackberry classic Q20

First, when I bought it, I still got a very new Blackberry charger and cord, with the microUSB charging standard, it’s quite common today.

Blackberry classic Q20

Blackberry Classic Q20 charger

When turning on the device, connecting to wifi the device will require an upgrade to OS 13.3. Feeling very happy right now because the company has taken care of users for the last time :)). Once the update is complete, the functions work perfectly.

Blackberry classic Q20

Update operating system Blackberry Classic Q20


My favorite point is the legendary QWERTY keyboard system, which challenges all types of messages, has the function of assigning shortcuts to each key – along with the message items are gathered in one place, including social networks now now ZALO and Facebook. The screen is very bright and beautiful, even outdoors, recognizing this phone was true vip in the past. In normal use, I found the phone to be used for up to 3 days.

Blackberry classic Q20

Apps on Blackberry Classic Q20


First, it is the old configuration of the Blackberry Q20 that hinders the tasks, if you open the application without shutting it down, it will gradually lag, because the application still saves the background. The camera captures bold colors and is slightly red, with focus but slow. Difficult to find applications, and the compatibility is not as high as online messaging, it seems to take a long time to receive – send, each time opening the application is like opening a browser, the price is a bit weird.

Blackberry classic Q20

QWERTY keyboard

Use 2021 ?

As mentioned above, I use this bb very well, meeting the basic needs. Can install basic social networking applications. If you have a need to find a spare device, as well as keep the memory of a legendary 9x generation phone company, this is the perfect choice. In addition, the phone also updated the vip technology of that time, which was 4G LTE, now it can be used comfortably as a wifi hotspot, but classy. Also, nostalgic Radio feature for those of you who like to listen to the radio and talk over the radio, hihi

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That’s it, this phone is part memory, part accessory. That is the Blackberry classic Q20. Thank you for reading my article, hope my sharing will help you somewhat, if you use this phone, please share it with me.

Blackberry classic Q20

Power button and 3.5mm headphone jack Blackberry Classic Q20