Gopro 9.10 telesin battery – quality – very good price
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With the need to find a quality and affordable battery for my Gopro 9 /10, I found out and bought a telesin battery with a charging dock as below.

Gopro 9 telesin battery

Gopro 9/10 telesin battery – very good quality/price

This Telesin 3-pin charging dock for Gopro 9/10 is compact and very handy. Some of the advantages I list below:

 Telesin battery Advantages

  • Can charge 3 batteries at the same time, 2.5 hours fast charge
    Battery telesin Gopro 9

    Micro SD card slot on telesin charging dock

  • There is a very nice input signal leb, the battery percentage indicator of each slot is very convenient and beautiful
  • There is a lid so it is not afraid of falling and is easy to move, on the lid there are 2 slots to hold a microSD card
  • Type C charging standard, so it’s easy to use with Gopro’s cable from 5th generation and up, quite convenient
  • Compact, just like an airpod, so it’s easy to move, plug in a backup charger
  • Compatible with original rechargeable batteries


  • Completeness is not very high
  • Very light to hold
  • Battery contact with charging dock is a bit loose
  • (just started using it so I haven’t seen much, that’s all 🙂 )
Pin telesin Gopro 9

Compact size

I bought a combo dock charger with 2 more batteries, the price is about 700 thousand, very good to use, the battery has a higher capacity than the original battery (1750 mAh). Currently, there is a combo version of All in One charging dock, 2 batteries and integrated card reader for more than 900k. Personally, I find this version is not good, the reason: because it adds nearly 300,000 VND but only adds a microSD card reader, if you buy another reader separately (such as sandisk, …) then you will be able to read many types of memory cards more, like microSD, SD, CF, …

Thus, this charging dock is very good to use, suitable for traveling as much as using action cams, can be closed while charging and in a backpack.

Gopro 9 telesin battery

Gopro 9/10 telesin battery – very good quality/price

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