Boiled Chicken is the most beautiful and delicious
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Raise beautiful chickens to worship

The offering chicken is popular in our culture. Therefore, how to make the chicken beautiful and delicious, everyone needs to care. Here is an article about this issue, please refer to it.

For the past year, after hours of farming and gardening at home, I had the opportunity to visit the neighbors around to learn about many different farming models. I myself have raised several batches of chickens by myself, with dozens of chicks per litter. Chicken has many varieties, due to demand as humans, we create broiler chickens, laying hens, game chickens or ornamental chickens… Tet is almost here, so I just want to share a little experience in choosing broiler chickens, namely our chickens. , which is almost indispensable in the tray of rice offerings to ancestors of Vietnamese people.

Boiled Chicken is the most beautiful and delicious

Boiled Chicken is beautiful

Contrary to everyone’s imagination, our chickens are now mostly raised on an industrial scale because farmers realize that this way the chickens will grow faster and the price is also higher than other industrial chicken breeds. old system. People easily see them in supermarkets and markets with the name “free-range chickens”, the price ranges from one hundred to one hundred and fifty thousand depending on the time. They only eat and lie down because there is no space to move within 100 days from hatching to before being slaughtered (different from wild grazing chickens, which is 7 months).

The special thing is that chickens raised like this will almost never get sick because the diet is synthetic bran mixed with high doses of antibiotics. The meat of this type is often friable, the soles of the feet sometimes show signs of ulceration due to long standing on the cement floor, the crest is pale, drooping to one side, the beak is cut short so that in the process of raising, do not bite each other. In the past, when I went to university, the teachers in the livestock department used to say that there were breeding facilities for beautiful yellow skin, they mixed with industrial dyes used in textiles into chicken feed such as Sudan II Sudan III.


Choose beautiful worshiping chicken

Chickens raised in the wild are often uneven in size and only range from 1,3 kilogram to 1,7 kilogram for hens, 2 kilogram for roosters. The crest is bright red, the legs are small, the eyes and nose are flexible, the skin is firm and pale yellow. Our chickens have yellow fat skin because they eat corn with high beta carotene content,which is also the reason why our chicken yolks are often darker than industrial chickens.

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Cooking chicken offerings

Once we’ve chosen a delicious chicken, we move on to the cooking part.

In order for the chicken not to have a bad smell of feathers after boiling, I thoroughly wash the chicken even outside the store has made the meat clean, use a few tablespoons of salt to gently rub the body from top to bottom, so don’t rub too hard, it will make the skin torn until boiled will no longer be beautiful. Let the chicken rest for about 5 minutes and then rinse with cold water, in addition to making the chicken cleaner, a part of the salt will penetrate to help the skin after boiling will become more crispy, then put the chicken on the basket to drain and then put it in. pot filled with water.

In the pot of boiling water, add a few dried onions or half an onion, a few spoons of fish sauce, and a little salt to make the chicken more flavorful. After boiling at high heat for about 10 minutes, lower the heat to low, cover the pot and add 5 minutes, then turn off completely. Take out the chicken, immediately put it in a bowl of prepared ice water, when the chicken gets cold, it shrinks, the skin is tough, the meat is hunted without being unsightly. That’s it, the boiled chicken is done.


Boiled Chicken is the most beautiful and delicious

Nice chicken plate, firm meat

Conclusion about boiled chicken is beautiful, boiled chicken is delicious

In the city, usually at the end of the year on New Year’s Eve, people will be more careful in choosing and buying chickens, because everyone wants to have “a few” delicious chickens at the New Year’s Eve and gather to eat rice in the first days. new Year. Sometimes to make sure I have to order chickens from the countryside to send them up, but I hope that if I have to go to the market to buy chickens to make offerings to ancestors, the above experience will help people avoid buying chicken ta phake, Chicken has become known as the “enemy” of Tet meals :))

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Boiled Chicken is the most beautiful and delicious

Neat and delicate offerings of chicken


– Bui H A Hieu